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Chicago Pneumatic displays its hybrid breakers at World of Concrete
Chicago Pneumatic displays its hybrid breakers at World of Concrete.

Chicago Pneumatic Shows Hybrid Mini-Hydraulic Breakers at WOC

Chicago Pneumatic showed its RX3 and RX8 mini hydraulic breakers at the World of Concrete, part of its lineup of minis that includes 1.3- to 15-ton carrier weight class. The breakers are designed for light demolition, landscaping, building renovation and road construction. As with all breakers in the RX series, the breakers are hybrids, hydraulic and gas.

     The breakers feature a two-in-one design, with the cylinder and tool holder in one piece, which eliminates the strain and risk of seizures. A central lubrication point facilitates quick lubrication to reduce maintenance costs.

     “The breakers have shock absorbers so that any recoil that goes back in the carrier doesn’t damage the pins and the bushings,” Greg Petherbridge, hydraulic attachments natiional sales manager, told RER. Also the replaceable cylinder sleeve cuts repair time and costs.

          The entire RX series ranges from a 200-foot-pound hammer to a 12,000-foot-pound hammer.

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