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A Caterpillar generator at work
A Caterpillar generator at work.

Caterpillar Supplies More than 1800 Generators for Hurricane Relief

Caterpillar announced that in response to historic floods and immeasurable damage brought by this year’s Hurricane Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria, Cat Rental Power provided more than 1,800 generator sets to deliver more than 1.44 GW of power to affected areas. Forty-seven Caterpillar dealers, from as far away as Canada and California, responded to the needs of impacted areas.

Local dealers directly addressed customer demands, ensuring equipment and personnel reached affected areas before storms hit.

“Our Cat dealer network provides much more than access to the largest fleet of generator sets,” said Robb Homolka, Eastern Region sales manager for Cat Rental Power. “Its knowledgeable rental power representatives ready to assist customers in designing a system, delivering equipment, presiding technical support, service and maintenance – all in a time of crisis.”

The generators were deployed by land, sea and air to thousands of customers including hospitals, data centers, wastewater treatment plants, cellular towers and commercial and industrial facilities.

More than 320 generators sets have been supplied to FEMA to support their efforts to restore power to critical infrastructure to the most seriously impacted regions. As one of FEMA’s major suppliers and a source of reliable performance, Caterpillar Defense expects it will be asked to send additional generator sets to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Brian Rydell, Caterpillar Defense’s electric power marketing and contracts manager, credited the efforts and commitment of Foley Inc. and the staff of Caterpillar Defense for quickly arranging the procurement and transportation of the generators to the areas ravaged by the recent storms. “They have done a herculean job pulling the whole Cat Dealer Rental Network together to locate generator sets matched to FEMA’s requirements, comply with contractual terms, supply topnotch technical support and deliver the units in a matter of days.”

Caterpillar also supplied transformers, pumps, heaters, fuel tanks, miles of power cable and hundreds of light towers.


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