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Caterpillar Awards Cashman Equipment Rental Division with 5-Star Certification

Caterpillar Awards Cashman Equipment Rental Division with 5-Star Certification

Cashman Equipment’s Cat Rental Store has earned Caterpillar’s 5-Star Certification Award for outstanding rental operations in heavy rentals and rental services, Cashman’s website reports. The award defines heavy equipment as machines larger than a 328 excavator/D6 dozer size.

Cashman Equipment partnered with representatives from Caterpillar’s Global Rental Group to conduct a comprehensive business review of the Nevada Cat dealership’s rental operations. The company examined every aspect of Cashman Equipment’s rental business, focusing specifically on excellence standards in areas that affect the customer experience such as consistent trucking transport costs, streamlined return to ready times for equipment and rental service call quality. Other areas assessed were asset control, performance control, sales management, business growth, employee development, and safety.

The Caterpillar Global Rental Group evaluated Cashman Equipment on 240 questions and the company scored 96 percent, placing it in the 5-star category.

“A lot of work has gone in to get to this point,” said Brad Donnelly, Caterpillar Denver District rental and used operations representative. “I’m very proud of what you’ve done and proud to be associated with you.”

The 5-Star Certification is Caterpillar’s measurement of excellence and is awarded in a variety of areas, from rental and service to power solutions and component rebuild. More than 25 dealerships have received the 5-Star Certification in rental.

Seth Hendrickson, Cashman Equipment rental sales manager, said the achievement wouldn’t be possible without the participation of all the company’s employees. “A lot of the processes we were evaluated on are yard processes,” he said. “They are shop processes. They are dispatch processes. All of that, all together, is what made this happen.”

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