Best Line Equipment Provides Hurricane Relief and Election Assistance

Best Line Equipment deployed several truckloads of equipment to New York and New Jersey to aid emergency relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy as well as helping with voting in the presidential election.

“Since this is the first time the bay has connected with the ocean on Staten Island, this disaster was very serious and Best Line has put its best foot forward by providing very timely engineered solutions that fit unusual requirements which, in this case, helped with [easing] the destruction and tragedy of misplaced populations of New York and New Jersey,” said Adam Houseknecht, general manager of operations for Best Line.

The equipment rental, sales, and service company is focused on three immediate initiatives: Best Line Equipment provided 40 Allmand 1 million-BTU trailer-mounted heater units that have the capability to heat continuously for 24 hours producing clean breathable air. This portable temporary industrial heating solution will be used to supply temporary heat to support compounds for housing needs, medical services, food distribution and restroom facilities for people displaced by Hurricane Sandy.

Working with FEMA, Best Line Equipment delivered 50 Doosan Portable Power light towers to Long Island to provide temporary lighting for polling stations during the presidential election voting on Nov. 6. Each unit provides 4,000 watts of portable directional lighting in conjunction with power outlets for portable power.

Working with New York University, Best Line Equipment installed four Dry Prime Thompson Pumps to assist with water and sediment removal from flooded university buildings. These high-performance water pumps allow for 3,000 gallons of water pumping per minute and reaching 240 feet in height. These pumps have large enough fuel tanks to run 33 hours straight. At this rate, four pumps for the 33-hour duration of constant run have the capability of pumping 24 million gallons of water before fuel refill.

"Best Line Equipment is pleased to assist relief efforts in New Jersey and New York, and we wish everyone a quick and safe recovery,” added Kurt Weibel, Pump & Power sales marketing manager. The company will continue to work with relief agencies and construction companies during the rebuilding process.

Best Line Equipment is based in State College, Pa., and has 11 locations servicing Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Ohio.

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