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Alert Announces Partnerships in Telematics and Payment Processing

Alert Announces Partnerships in Telematics and Payment Processing

Alert Management Systems recently announced new partnerships with a payment processor and a telematics provider. After working together with mutual clients for the past several years, Alert has begun a new partnership with Approval Code. Alert EasyPro offers Integrated Credit Card Processing as part of its rental software package and Approval Code is now the recommended processor. Clients who choose Approval Code for processing will now have the opportunity to use the PCI-compliant Approval Code gateway.

“We have worked with dozens of Alert clients throughout the years, and have been able to provide them with substantial cost savings,” said Kirk Moore, president of Approval Code. “We can provide timely advice on all aspects of credit card payments from fraud protection and chargebacks.”

Approval Code processes Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express through one account and one statement.

Alert also announces a partnership with DPL Telematics, based in Los Altos, Calif. Mutual clients of DPL Telematics and Alert Management Systems will not be able to optimize workflow by viewing telematics data from DPL in Alert EasyPro.

“Our clients will be empowered to maintain proper billing, know where the equipment is, and if it is being appropriately used according to the rental agreement,” said Kara Lawrence, co-president and CEO of Alert Management Systems.

“Alert Management Systems and DPL Telematics are well-suited since both companies are leaders in the rental field and have a combined six decades of experience,” said Tony Nicoletti, vice president of sales and business development, DPL Telematics.

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