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Inverter generators

Inverter generators

Subaru inverter generators feature the latest inverter generator technology to significantly reduce running sound. Conventional generator designs run the engine at full speed regardless of the amount of power being used Subaru inverter generators run the engine at a slower speed for low power use and automatically increase speed as more electrical power is required. Producing clean power for the most sensitive electronic equipment, the R1700i is powered by Subaru’s EH09-2 OHV gasoline engine, while the RG3200iS and RG4300iS models are powered by Subaru’s EX OHC gasoline engines.

William and Kathy Acosta, are homeowners currently living in an RV on 14 acres near Bastrop, Texas, on the site where they plan to build their dream home. The Acostas found themselves in need of a quiet-running generator for temporary power use until they could get the nearest electricity easement extended to their property, a task that has taken more than a year to accomplish. The couple needed a generator equipped to handle their 15,000-Btu air conditioning unit, which would cause a power surge each time it kicked on.

“The Subaru dealer said our 15,000 Btus would be more than [the other brand] could handle, yet the Subaru was the same size,” says William Acosta. “But Subaru put in an extra boost for that power surge once the AC kicks on.”

The Acostas use the RG3200iS inverter generator to power all of their household electricity needs, and estimate they have logged more than 5,900 hours of use on the unit, which is typically expected to log about 2,000 hours of use.

When asked about what problems he’s had with the RG3200iS Subaru inverter generator in its year and nearly 6,000 hours of use, Acosta says “None at all. It looks like we made a good choice.”

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