Lincoln Electric

Intended for use where gasoline and diesel emissions are unacceptable, the Ranger 250 LPG engine-driven welder/generator is powered by low emission liquid propane gas. It is recommended for stick, touch-start TIG, flu-cored wire and MIG wire welding as well as arc gouging. It delivers 250 amps for welding at 100 percent duty cycle and 9,000 peak (8,000 continuous) watts of 120V/240AC generator power. This is enough power to run lights, tools, pumps and weld at the same time, the company says.

Keith Findlay, a territory sales representative for Reynolds Welding Supply, Mankato, Minn., recently rented 12 welder/generators to a customer that engineers ethanol alternative fuel plants. Eight of the welders were Ranger 250s, which each logged between 650 to 800 hours of work without any failures. The other four machines logged less than 40 hours each or suffered engine and welding related failures. “For our distributorship, the Ranger 250 is an out-of-sight, out-of-mind machine; meaning that when they leave our shop we never have to worry about any immediate service issues,” says Findlay.
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A new line of 13 generators are designed to simultaneously deliver single and three-phase outputs. The three-phase outputs are available in 208, 220, 240, 416, 440, 480 and optional 600-volt AC supplies while single-phase outputs of 120, 127, 139, 240, 254 and 277 volts AC are standard. The power side of the control panel on these models includes a main breaker, two GFCI duplex receptacles and two or three Tempower Twistlock receptacles, depending on the model.

“The Terex Super Quiet Pac generator is a well-engineered unit, from its simple, user-friendly control panel to its long-running fuel tanks,” says Jack Farrell, inside sales manager for Godwin Pumps, Bridgeport, N.J. “Coupled with a reliable John Deere engine, Terex is a real income generator for our fleet.”
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Honda Power Equipment

The EB/EM series industrial generators are available in 3,800-, 5,000- and 6,500-watt sizes. Features include a larger heavy-duty 27mm frame tubing, 6.6-gallon fuel tank for a 30-percent increase in running time, a fuel gauge and a redesigned outlet panel with easy service access. A Honda GX series commercial grade overhead valve engine, standard wheel kit, automatic voltage regulator, auto throttle and a 120/240 voltage selector switch round out the features.
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Stow Construction Equipment

The G-2.9R and G-4.5R gasoline-powered generators supply a maximum output of 2.9 and 4.5 kW, respectively. A 5.7-hp Robin EX-17D engine drives the G-2.9R. The generator has a fuel tank capacity of 2.6 gallons and weighs 108 pounds. The more powerful G-4.5R is powered by a 9-hp Robin EX-27D engine, has a 4.2-gallon fuel tank capacity and weighs 149 pounds. The G-4.5R utilizes an idle control to lower engine rpm during periods of no-load to prolong the generator's life. Both Stow generators feature a brushless alternator design that eliminates carbon brushes and slip rings thus lowering maintenance costs.
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Hobart Welders

The new Champion 4500 AC generator/welder provides homeowners, farmers/ranchers and contractors with a lightweight, reliable and affordable machine for power generation and occasional welding tasks. It provides 4,500 surge watts/4,000 continuous watts of 120/240 volt AC power for emergency power situations and to run hand tools, grinders, lights and battery chargers. In the welding mode, the 4500 delivers up to 140 amps of AC Stick welding power for light maintenance, repair and fabrication projects.
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The WhisperWeld line has weather resistant housings and is suitable for a variety of outdoor applications. The most powerful of the WhisperWeld line, the DAW-500S is designed for large jobs where simultaneous operation of the welder and generator by two or more operators is required. It delivers up to 500 amps of DC welding power and offers 3,000 watts of AC power to operate tools and lights. It also operates as a 3 kW generator. The line also includes the TLW-300SS, a 300-amp welder/10.5 kW generator with a 100 percent duty cycle at 280 amps, and the BLW-400SS, which is a 400-amp dual welder/14 kW generator.

Bob Flint, owner of Bob's Mobile Welding Service, Bakersfield, Calif., is a loyal user of the company's Scorcher unit. “It is the most economical welder I've ever owned,” Flint says. “It pays for itself in fuel savings.”
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The 300 kW diesel generator available from Cummins Power Rent has been certified to meet the Nonroad Source Emission Standard, CFR 40, Tier II of the Environmental Protection Agency. By meeting this current standard, the Model DQAF generator reduces the production of oxides of nitrogen by 35 percent, and lowers carbon monoxide and particulate material emissions by approximately two-thirds over previous models. Rated at 300 kW for standby and 270 kW for prime power, the generator also comes standard with PowerCommand digital electronic control as an integrated system that combines engine and alternator controls.

Integrated Flow Solutions, Tyler, Texas, recently used Cummins Power Rent to help install two key pumping systems for the Matterhorn Deepwater Production Facility. “We were able to test the range of required voltages by running the generator output through a multi-tap voltage transformer,” says Jared Brown, rental coordinator in Houston for Cummins Power Rent. “That allowed us the flexibility to test in the medium range of 480 to 4,160 volts for these pumping systems. Had it been called for, the transformer was also capable of output in the high range of 12,600 or 13,200 volts.”
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The new WC12000HE offers a Honda 20-hp engine with electric start and low oil protection, and the Conserv-R automatic idle control reduces fuel consumption and engine wear. The low-mount fuel tank helps keep the unit balanced and stable, and allows for up to 15 hours of run time. An all-terrain two-wheel dolly kit and lifting eye are standard features.

Lonnie Moore, of Clover, Va.-based Spaulding Equipment Co. has been satisfied with the performance of the WC12000HE. “The 20-hp electric start Honda engine in addition to the 13-gallon fuel tank and idle down feature enable it to outdistance the competition,” he says.
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Miller Electric

The PRO 300 features Stick pipeline arc performance, a 1,800-rpm CAT diesel engine, a 20- to 410-amp multiprocess welding output and 12 kW of generator power. It weighs 1,100 pounds, nearly 300 pounds less than a comparable DC generator and is 35 percent smaller. To meet the needs of welding professionals, Miller engineered the PRO 300 with a four-position control that adjusts Stick arc force for EXX10 and EXX18 electrodes.

“The PRO 300's got good arc force, which means it produces a more uniform bead with good penetration and good tie-in,” says Floyd East, a professional welder from Sulphur, La. “With a Miller, I get less undercut and less chance of a hollow bead. The machine has a greater arc force to eliminate slag in the weld. Good arc force also helps me out if there's a dirty bevel or I have to run a tight space.”
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Shindaiwa's new kWiet Power 100 kVA diesel generator is powered by a 150-hp, turbo-charged, 6-cylinder Isuzu diesel. Power delivery is 80 kW in three-phase, 58 kW in single-phase and the unit weighs 4,079 pounds. Other features include full control and output instrumentation, and access doors that lift off easily for maintenance and lock for security.
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The G2H and G3H new handheld generator models are both powered by easy starting, quiet Honda engines and have automatic low oil shut-off that prevents engine start-up and operation when insufficient oil is detected. The G2H has 2.6 kW maximum power with 2.3 kW of continuous power; the G3H has 2.9 kW maximum power with 2.5 kW of continuous power. Power is delivered through 120-volt GFCI duplex outlets with individual circuit breakers in both models.
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Baldor offers a new 18-page, four-color brochure, including portable models 1 to 11 kW, emergency standby and peak shaving models 20 to 2,000 kW. Towable units are 20 to 200 kW; automatic energy models are 8 to 25 kW; and prime power is available as diesel liquid cooled, gaseous liquid cooled, industrial liquid cooled and containerized mobile generators.

Mike Patrick, president of Foreveron Inc., a distributor based in Birmingham, Ala., began carrying the Baldor generator line in 1996. “The quality that is built into the product line is what I am impressed with,” says Patrick. “Their enclosure is second to none and that is something that my customers can see upfront.”
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Climax Portable Machine Tools

A new line of automated on-site welders is designed to decrease weld time and improve productivity for machinists in shipbuilding, construction, mining and service sectors. The AutoBoreWelder 1000, 2000, 3000 and 5000 models enable a uniform weld build-up for bore, flange and O.D. shafts, and valve repair work, the company says. The system interfaces with other Climax portable machine tools and allows one set-up for both welding and boring.
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Coleman Cable

Coleman Cable recently designed a new line of extension cords exclusively for use with power generators. The extension cords all feature three 15-amp heavy-duty molded female receptacles with male 15-amp straight blade, 20-amp straight blade or 30-amp twist-lock plugs. The cords feature a 25-foot SJTW cord with Tri-Source end. Options include 12- or 10-gauge with straight or twist-lock blades.
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Wacker offers a full line of portable generators with power ratings ranging from 2,500 to 9,700 watts. Large fuel tanks offer contractors full shift operation without the need to refuel. The G 5.6A weighs 168 pounds and the GS 5.6A, an electric start unit, weighs 175 pounds. Both units produce a maximum output of 5,600 watts. The units are equipped with an 11-hp Honda engine and can run at full load for more than five hours.
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