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Generators Offer Safety and Green Benefits

Generators Offer Safety and Green Benefits

Ingersoll Rand introduces the PowerSource G90 to G570 mobile generators, which range from 94 to 570 kVA. All Power-Source models have controls and connection points grouped at the rear of the unit in an ergonomically designed power pedestal to maximize operator convenience and safety.

High-quality alternators with AREP (Auxiliary Regulation Excitation Principle) technology provide the generators with motor-starting capacity. AREP provides excellent voltage regulation and makes PowerSource generators suitable for powering applications such as compressors, pumps and other loads with high start-up demands.

Environmental skidbases on the generators provide a minimum 110-percent containment of all generator fluids, which minimizes the potential for environmental contamination and meets the requirements of environmentally conscious worksites. If fluid should collect in the basin, a warning indicator alerts the operator.

“All PowerSource units meet 2007 EPA emissions standards, which is increasingly important not just in California, but other parts of the country with air-quality concerns,” says Todd Howe, generator product marketing manager for Ingersoll Rand.

“The entire range has been designed to be rugged and reliable, yet quiet, so applications from construc-tion to events to emergency manage-ment are suited to PowerSource generators,” says Howe.

Verified by Todd Howe, generator product marketing manager of Ingersoll Rand.
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Fuel capacity: 190 to 579 gallons

Height: 83.6 to 119.9 inches

Sound level: 70 to 72 dBA

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