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Generator Line Widens Application Range

Mi-T-M expands its generator line to include a 3,000-watt extended-run generator for the rental and construction industries. The unit features a Honda OHV engine with low-oil shutdown to protect against engine problems. The roll cage design incorporates the engineering department's new isolator design, which absorbs vibration that occurs during use. A 2.6-gallon fuel tank capacity allows for 7.4 hours of run time at a full load, saving the operator time spent refueling.

The full Mi-T-M generator line features three inverters and 16 standard models, offering a unit that will meet all power sourcing needs, from 1,650 watts to 13,000 watts. The inverter technology generators range from 1,650 watts to 4,300 watts. This technology features a compact design, low noise levels and smooth wave form power for the computer industry. The industrial product line features the Mi-T-M roll cage design, extended fuel tank capacity and solid-state circuitry. These units range from 2,500 watts to 13,000 watts.

Low-profile engines and low-tone muffler systems keep noise levels down, according to Mike Budde, rental sales representative for Mi-T-M. “Our wheel kit uses pneumatic tires for easy maneuverability, even when used on the roughest jobsite terrain,” Budde says. “The handle design recesses back when not in use to allow for additional storage and floor space.”

Verified by Mike Budde, rental sales representative for Mi-T-M.
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Generators available: 19
Power range: 1,650 watts to 13,000 watts

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