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Generator Design Flips For Full Access

Generator Design Flips For Full Access

Magnum Products introduces two models of its new patent-pending flip-hood/flip-tongue generator, the MMG 35FH (pictured) and MMG 55FH. The generators' two access hoods flip open to allow for unobstructed accessibility to the generators' internal components. The front service hood flips open, providing complete accessibility to perform daily operator checks and routine maintenance. The back hood flips open to provide access to the generator end and electrical connections for full service.

The large control panel access, with one centralized location of all electrical connections and wiring, is designed to make the generator easy to use. Standard digital control with a new analog gauge option is available.

The company also has a new flip-tongue trailer design on the generators. The trailer tongue flips up to decrease the overall length of the trailer to 100 inches, permitting cross-trailer loading for shipment.

Magnum's flip-hood/flip-tongue design facilitates service and maintenance, and lowers transportation costs, increasing the rental center's return on investment. Both 35 and 50 kVA Perkins engine options are available.

“Peak performance is assured when equipment is serviced and maintained at the recommended maintenance schedules,” says Bob Klinker, director of sales and marketing for Magnum Products. “The new MMG 35FH and 55FH flip-hood generator design is easy to service because of the wide-open access. Regular maintenance can be done in half the time, saving the rental dealer money.”

Verified by Debbie Hartwig, marketing coordinator for Magnum Products.
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Length: 100 inches

Available engines: 35 kVA and 50 kVA Perkins engines

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