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Compact Compressors Keep Components Cool and Collected

Both of the AirSource and the AirSource Plus portable rotary-screw compressors from Ingersoll Rand feature a new modular design canopy. The lockable, lightweight and aerodynamic canopy is made of virtually indestructible composite material, which along with composite fenders, rear bumpers and a three-step paint process provides improved corrosion resistance.

“The AirSource family is specially designed for the unique needs of the rental customer at a price that ensures a healthy ROI,” says Marc James, small air system and lighting product marketing manager for Ingersoll Rand. “And thanks to the composite canopy material, all three models weigh an industry low 1,850 pounds, which makes them easy to tow while helping conserve fuel.”

The AirSource compressor features 160 cubic feet per minute at 100 psi and runs off a 49-hp Ingersoll Rand diesel engine with an eight-hour runtime. It also weights 1,850 pounds and allows for two-tool use. The AirSource Plus offers 185 cubic feet per minute at 100 psi and is available with either a 62.4-hp Ingersoll Rand diesel engine or a 65-hp John Deere diesel engine. The compressors come in a compact size, with an overall width of 67 inches and an overall height of 59 inches.

The compressors include a cool-box design that enables cool air to enter the rear of the compressor and wash over internal components, keeping internal temperatures low and prolonging component life. The unit comes standard with a new remote separator element, which is a simple spin-on design that eliminates the need to enter the separator tank and prevents spillage during oil changes.

Verified by Marc James, small air system and lighting product marketing manager for Ingersoll Rand.
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Vital Stats

Weight: 1,850 pounds

Engine power: 49 hp, 62.5 hp or 65 hp

Overall width: 67 inches

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