Product of the Week - Solesbee’s Quick Coupler

Product of the Week - Solesbee’s Quick Coupler

Solesbee’s Quick Coupler is an efficient solution for operators to exchange excavator attachments from the safety of the cab. The coupler features a wedge-locking principal to connect to attachments in two places. When connecting attachments, the safety knuckle automatically engages onto the front pin, which can only be released by the operator. The self-adjusting wedge locks the second pin to secure the attachment as soon as the lock switch is deactivated.

To disconnect, the system unlock the self-adjusting wedge from the rear pin and then unlock the safety knuckle from the front pin. If the attachment does not fully detach within a set timeframe, the coupler fully reattaches to secure it.

Operators can customize the auto-lock time period from five to 12 seconds. Once disconnected, the safety knuckle re-engages and is ready to lock the front pin of the next attachment. 

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