Drilling Equipment


The new 700 series of crawler drills were engineered to balance productivity and cost efficiency. The ECM-720 drifter drill (pictured) provides fast overall penetration, straight holes and long accessory life for holes up to 5 ½ inches in diameter. The CM-780D crawler drill is second in the line with DHD capability to 6 ½ inches. With a height of 10.66 feet, a length of 35.66 feet and a ground clearance of 17 inches, the ECM-720 is built to handle heavy-duty drilling operation in rough terrains. It is designed for drilling depths down to 102 feet. The drill is powered by a 365-hp engine with an operating speed of 1,800 rpm.
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Diamond Products

The new value-priced Core Bore M1AA-15 Core Rig has a 15-amp, 3.5-hp, 800-rpm Core Bore motor. It has a 6-inch bit capacity and weighs just 45 pounds.
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Kaeser Compressors

The new Mobilair Tools are suited for general construction, utility work and plant maintenance. From setting anchor bolts to drilling dowel holes, Kaeser's rock drills are designed to drill through hard rock and concrete and are available with a variety of bit sizes. The tools drill into granite, hard face rock, stone or masonry solids and can be adapted with mufflers and water attachments for severe quarry drilling applications.
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CS Unitec

Diamond Core Drills in 2- and 3-speed models are designed for handheld and rig-mounted drilling. The electric, hydraulic and pneumatic drills are lightweight and equipped with a safety slip clutch to protect the operator in case of jamming. The drills are suited for making holes in floors, walls and ceilings, as well as concrete anchoring systems.
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The Hilti TE 46, 56 and 56 ATC (pictured) perform up to 40 percent faster drilling speed and up to 30 percent higher removal rate when chipping than the tools they replace. Both the TE 56 and TE 56-ATC are designed for drilling anchor holes and through holes, and are capable of drilling up to 3 9/16-inch diameter holes in concrete, as well as medium chiseling applications. The patented Active Torque Control provides added operator protection because it constantly monitors the rotation of the tool and disengages the drive system if it senses the housing beginning to rotate too quickly.
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The new Magic Breaker Series is available in two demolition models and three rotary hammer models — EH 9BL and EH 9BLM. These brushless demolition hammers are lightweight — 19.8 pounds — and produce 14 pounds per blow of impact energy rate of up to 1,950 blows per minute. The breakers are designed for breaking concrete, brick, asphalt, stone terrazzo and frozen or hard ground. Additional uses for the EHB 11BL include drilling concrete, brick, asphalt, stone, terrazzo and cleaning and finishing masonry and concrete surfaces.
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The CPA excavator mounted rock drill attachment is designed to be an easy-to-operate, self-contained drill for excavators. Offering long reach and a large drilling coverage area, it is suited for hard-to-reach locations. Several holes can be drilled before the excavator must be repositioned. Applications include pipeline trenching, utility and sewer work, anchoring and rock bolting, roadbuilding, rough terrain construction and long reach drilling work.
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