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Product of the Week - Okada TOP Series hydraulic breakers

Product of the Week - Okada TOP Series hydraulic breakers

Okada America, Inc.’s TOP Series hydraulic breakers include 15 models ranging in energy classes from 150 foot pounds to 15,000 foot pounds.

Key features include a large capacity accumulator designed to reduce pressure spikes to protect the carrier hydraulic system. The unit cushions the piston on the upstroke (eliminating the need for shock absorbers) and increases the piston downstroke force. A central grease port allows the breaker to easily adapt to most auto-lube systems. The long stroke design reduces shock loads and vibration which can cause machine stress and operator fatigue. Cup seals are utilized to secure flow in the oil and gas chambers.

The Model TOP 100A is ideal for use on 22,000 to 42,000-pound excavators. It requires 29 to 35 gpm at 2,030 to 2,620 psi and it breaks at a rate of 550 to 710 blows per minute.

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