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Product of the Week - National Crane NBT30H-2 TM

Product of the Week - National Crane NBT30H-2 TM

National Crane has developed a tractor-mounted version of its popular NBT30H-2, the NBT30H-2 TM. The 30-ton machine was created as a response to the company’s Voice of the Customer feedback program. It went from concept to production in just eight months.

The NBT30H-2 TM features a 69-foot boom with a 78-foot max tip height that enables more job site utilization than a traditional 51-foot tractor mount boom. It also offers 360-degree stability, with and without the trailer attached, thanks to the out and down main outriggers and stabilizers, as well as a fully integrated heavy-duty front outrigger; all of which can be used with full-, mid- and retracted-span chart configurations.

The hoist features a two-speed, high-performance planetary winch with a 390-foot, 9/16-inch rotation resistant wire rope that has a 7,700-pound single line pull.

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