EquipmentWatch39s rate group report
EquipmentWatch's rate group report.

EquipmentWatch Unveils Fleet Consulting Products for Large Fleet Problems

EquipmentWatch, a leading provider in data, software and insights for the heavy equipment industry, has launched a new suite of fleet consulting products now available to contractors and equipment professionals seeking efficient solutions to large-scale fleet problems. Through an exclusive partnership with Price Digests, these solutions cover all major equipment types across construction, lift and access, agriculture and commercial truck.

“These consulting solutions represent the application of extensive data assets, the industry’s largest team of equipment analysts, and decades of industry knowledge to solve major problems for modern equipment professionals,” said Garrett Schemmel, vice president, EquipmentWatch. “We’re excited to help our customers save time, increase margins, and gain a clearer picture of their equipment data.”

Consulting solutions are focused on four major areas of fleet management:

Fleet valuation: Accurate values for all your equipment. EquipmentWatch industry analysts provide current market values and residual values for every asset in your fleet. Age, condition, location, and utilization are all factored in to ensure the most accurate pricing data possible. Perfect for insurance, finance, and internal auditing.

Data cleaning & standardization: Bring structure to equipment data. EquipmentWatch data experts clean, standardize, and organize your list of equipment. All models appended with standard classification and specification data. Services include VIN and serial number verification. This is a critical first step to understanding your fleet.

First-Customized Charge Rates: Calculated charge rates for all your equipment. EquipmentWatch cost analysts will work with your machine data to determine hourly ownership and operating rates for every asset. Rates are provided for individual assets, as well as size class-level rate groups, making them ideal for estimation and internal rental use.

Fleet Disposition Analysis: Identify the disposal ‘sweet spot’ for assets. Disposition analysis combines EquipmentWatch analysts’ cost and valuation capabilities with your maintenance data to deliver a clear cost-based disposition window and asset-specific remarketing. Used by the best to plan and operate their fleet for maximum returns.

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