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Husqvarna K1260 Power Cutter Cuts Tough Jobs Down to Size

Husqvarna Construction Products increases the size of its power cutter offering with the release of the K1260 power cutter, which provides 7.8 hp and features SmartCarb, the built-in automatic filter compensation unit designed to help maintain high power, and lower fuel consumption.

In addition, the Active Air Filtration system delivers dry-cutting operation times of about one year without required filter service. The Poly V-belt is engineered to provide better power transmission, less re-tensioning and increased product life. The K1260's DEX dust-handling system is designed for cleaner cutting with less water usage.

“One of the main differences between the K1260 and other power cutters on the market is that it is the only 119-cc power cutter on the market delivering a powerful 7.8 hp,” says Mike Ward, Husqvarna product manager for power cutters. “It is a good item to have in stock for those jobs that require extra cutting power — these jobs might come up from time to time, and a traditional power cutter is not going to provide enough power to complete the project.”

Able to handle a range of applications, the K1260 is suited for use by municipalities and local governments' water and street crews. It can cut pipes in installation work, concrete and masonry, asphalt and roadwork.

Verified by Mike Ward, Husqvarna product manager for power cutters.

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Vital Stats

Engine output: 7.8 hp

Air filter service interval (dry-cutting): One year

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