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Bosch Power Tools

The new 1773AK 5-inch concrete surfacing grinder features a comprehensive dust removal system and was designed exclusively for concrete projects. A built-in dust chute connects to a vacuum hose for better, more efficient debris removal. The tool weighs less than 6 pounds and features a 10-amp motor with 11,000 rpm. A slim ergonomic barrel design and slide switch provide operator comfort during operation.
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General Equipment Co.

The SG24/G gasoline-powered surface grinder features various grinding systems for breaking up deposits; cleaning concrete, asphalt and tile; producing exposed aggregate slabs; and polishing delicate surfaces. The twin counter-rotating discs can work a 24-inch by 12-inch area. Powered by an 11-hp engine, it features dual V-belt/spur gear transmission. The SG24G has a unitized, welded steel plate frame and extra capacity self-aligning ball bearing units.
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A smaller, more portable and more cost effective floor grinder is now available from Edco. The SE-C model grinds four times faster than floor buffers and is easier to handle, according to the company. It accepts all Edco grinder accessories, including Dyma-Serts and Strip-Serts, to grind concrete or remove mastics and paints quickly.

Gary Edwards, owner of Creative Concrete & Resurfacing, Littlestown, Pa., uses the SE-C unit to accomplish a number of different jobs, including removing paint and polishing concrete floors. “They fine tuned it so that you can get incredibly close without hitting the wall,” Edwards said. “It takes away the step of using a hand grinder to get the spots near the wall, which makes the job quicker.”
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The HG6000 horizontal grinder is available with two engines as a 525-hp or a 630-hp machine. Key features include a top-loading millbox, removable anvil design, six super single tires with aluminum wheels and 5th wheel towing package. Other standard features include an HPTO clutch, patent-pending SmartGrind and the patented Duplex Drum systems. For easy maintenance, the entire millbox lid opens from the top of the machine, allowing the operator to remove or change a screen in a fraction of the time needed to complete the same process for side-accessing units.
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Hilti's DG 150 grinding system is designed for grinding concrete, natural stone and masonry. It features a dust-resistant, brushless motor and automatic self-cleaning vacuum. The DG 150 extracts up to 95 percent of airborne particles in areas such as hospitals, office buildings, hotels and food manufacturing facilities. The four-part DG 150 system includes the DG 150 grinder, DPC 20 power conditioner, VCD 50 vacuum cleaner and a specially designed diamond cup wheel.
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CS Unitec

Available in 5-inch and 7-inch models, CS Unitec's concrete grinders remove epoxy, paint and other coatings and are designed with the power required for concrete finishing and for fast surface preparation. The tools have two side handles for reduced user fatigue. To reduce the life of the grinder, the motor is locked away from the dust flow zone. A grinding guard covers the diamond wheel completely for dust collection.
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Stone Construction Equipment

The Cretemower Model CG100 is designed to grind, smooth and clean excess concrete off any dry or hardened surface or slab. It features a high-quality industrial diamond head available with 10 or 20 segments. To suit floor surfaces, the mowing head is surrounded by a protective, adjustable rubber guard. The unit is powered by an 11-hp Honda engine.
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The DFG Series floor grinders can remove grease, dirt, rubber carpet backing and industrial residues from floor quickly and easily, the company says. The DFG Series grinds to within 1.5 inches of walls and obstructions, and is fitted with twin counter-rotating discs that provide a work area of 24 by 12 inches. The grinders are designed for grinding and polishing concrete, asphalt, terrazzo and marble floors.
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Hitachi Power Tools

The new G23MR and G18MR incorporate patented technology known as Internal Double Insulation, which enables the designed aluminum housing to be intertwined with an injection molded inner nylon core. As a result, the tool bearing sits in die cast aluminum instead of plastic, improving tool reliability and extending its life. The G23MR 9-inch grinder and G23MR 7-inch grinder deliver 15 amps and 3,500 watts of maximum output power. They come equipped with an adjustable three-position side handle that reduces vibration and improves control and comfort.
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