Rotary screw compressor series

Rotary screw compressor series

Kaeser Compressors introduces its redesigned SK rotary screw compressor series — 15- and 20-hp industrial air compressors designed to be reliable and efficient. The new SK models are even more efficient, easy to maintain, and offer a smaller footprint, the company says. The redesigned units provide greater flow at 46 to 89 cfm with pressures from 80 to 217 psig. The SK series features the Sigma Profile airend, which delivers more air per horsepower than other designs, the company says, as well as automatic belt tensioning and premium efficiency motors for significant energy savings. Triple vibration isolation and heavy sound proofing result in smooth and quiet operation. A single removable panel offers easy access to all preventive maintenance components, and a four-zone air cooling design promotes longer lubricant and motor life. The redesigned SK compressors are available as stand-alone compressor units, with integrated dryers or as AirCenter packages, and with variable-speed drive.

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