Product of the Week - T/CCI QPRV Rotary Vane compressor

Product of the Week - T/CCI QPRV Rotary Vane compressor

The QPRV Rotary Vane compressor is designed as an OEM drop-in solution that is durable, compact, less expensive than a standard piston type compressor. A new technology designed by T/CCI engineers, this small compressor works with small displacement engines that have tight mounting constraints. The unique dual ellipse cylinder with a 5-vane rotor is designed to provide extremely low gas pulsations and better NVH than other piston type compressors. Torque shock at clutch engagement is improved as well due to the radial design of a rotary compressor. Other design features include: higher operating speed capability, higher capacity, improved clutch design, no internal bearings, extremely compact design, improved low friction coatings on the internal side plates, and proven longer compressor life under adverse operating environments and conditions.

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