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Skyjack Inc. - Field Service Representative - Northwest

Skyjack Inc., a world leader in the Aerial Equipment Industry, is recruiting a Field Service Representative that is based in Northwest region.

• Ensure compliance with all legislative requirements in the facility’s geographic location.
• Support, Foster, Promote and Demonstrate Linamar’s Core Values and Leadership Behaviors.
• Maintain balance between customer, employee and financial satisfaction by maximizing facility/department
• Performance Indicators to align to Linamar’s Stepping Stool of Success Strategy.
• Support and maintain department lean initiatives as set out in LPS system requirements.
• Provide technical assistance and training to customers in support of Skyjack products.
• Provide appropriate training for customer service to improve overall responsiveness and knowledge.
• Provide critical technical support to all customers in support of Skyjack Products.
• Complete weekly reports in a timely manner detailing tasks completed.
• Perform other tasks as assigned.
• Requires international travel.

• Requires a technical college diploma and ongoing related organization training and maintenance experience.
• Minimum one to three years customer service experience; aerial work platform industry experience strongly preferred but not essential.
• Ability to read and understand a wide variety of manuals for set-up and calibration, operating, repair, maintenance, testing and quality control procedures.
• Locate data in a variety of technical drawings.
• Ability to understand electric and hydraulic circuits/schematics.
• Ability to evaluate severity of equipment faults/anomalies by considering nature of defects and effects they will have on equipment performance.
• Ability to judge conditions of individual parts and devices and adequacy of repairs. Judge suitability of parts, components and modifications.
• Ability to verbally discuss electric and hydraulic circuits and schematics.
• Communicate with customers to promote products, learn about equipment faults, and explain procedures, answer questions and address complaints.
• Exchange diagnostic and troubleshooting information with apprentices, co-workers, colleagues, supervisors and manufacturers' service representatives.
• Evaluate sets of data collected from trials and simulations to troubleshoot faults and assess equipment performance and the progression of faults and wear.
• Schedule repair and maintenance tasks to efficiently use time and meet deadlines.
• Perform service and repair tasks independently.
• Possess strong system and hardware skills.
• Ability to use communications software and have above average computer skills including Excel, Word and Microsoft Office and PowerPoint.
• Continually update technical skills to maintain current knowledge of changing technology and repair procedures.

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