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Seeking rental lovers - Dallas, London, Melbourne - Point of Rental Software

Seeking rental lovers - Dallas, London, Melbourne - Point of Rental Software

Point of Rental SoftwareAre you the Point of Rental type?

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Q: What do Point of Rental and zombies have in common?
A: We both want your brains.

At Point of Rental, however, we’d like you to keep them inside your head. We want you to take the knowledge you’ve amassed during your time in the industry and apply it to benefit the thousands of businesses worldwide that use our software (and the thousands more who soon will).

We’ve grown incredibly quickly, earning our way onto Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing companies list three of the last four years, so we’re constantly looking for industry veterans who can help our support, sales, and development teams. That’s why this listing doesn’t look like the others. If you have rental knowledge, and we assume you do because you’re reading RER Reports, we can train you on our software. If you’re familiar with our software, that’s even better. But the thing you absolutely need to have? An innovative mind.

What does a happy and successful Pointer look like?

· Loves the rental industry

· Delights in helping customers

· Works well as part of a team and on their own

· Always figures out a way to help the team accomplish a mission

· Embodies our core values of transparency, honesty, integrity, responsibility, and dedication

· Strives to become the best developer/support person/salesperson/trainer/wizard they can be.

So whether you’re a brilliant developer, an empathetic support technician, an enterprising sales whiz, or anyone else who sounds like a Pointer, Point of Rental wants you on our team. We’re here to make the world a better place for our customers, and to do that, we need knowledgeable, helpful, caring people like you.

Bring us your best. We’ll make your best better.

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