RMI Releases Warranty Claims Role Center, Rental Manager Dashboard

RMI Corp. recently released the Warranty Claims Specialist role center and Rental Manager Dashboard for the Rental Manager role center in its first-quarter 2012 release.

The Warranty Claims Role Center is designed for the worker who is responsible for submitting warranty work back to the manufacturer for reimbursement. This role gives warranty claim specialists insight into the different statuses of open warranty claims, as well as the ability to quickly see open warranty-related service work orders.

The Rental Manager Dashboard is designed to provide rental managers instant access to essential rental-related financial information directly from their role center. Similar to the Executive Dashboard in the CEO/President role center, the Rental Manager Dashboard summarizes essential business data in one on-screen view, keeping the manager informed and enabling easy access to the information necessary for informed decision making.

In addition, this release gives the Service Dispatcher role center greater insight into overdue service orders, work orders awaiting parts and technician allocated work orders.

Role Centers are personalized home pages that are centered on the user and their role within the organization. They are designed to focus users on critical daily tasks.

Product enhancements are installed quarterly within RMI ADVANTAGE, giving users access to the latest features and security improvements for Microsoft applications at no additional charge. For full details on this release, visit

RMI Corp. is headquartered in Avon, Conn.

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