RentalMax Uses Attendance on Demand to Trim Overtime Costs

The use of Attendance on Demand, an employee time and attendance service helped Wheaton, Ill.-based rental company RentalMax reduce overtime by 70 percent. RentalMax uses the time-tracking program Software as a Service to eliminate unnecessary overtime through its multiple locations.

Attendance on Demand tracks employee labor and wage data for nearly 100 hourly employees located in 10 stores securely over the Internet, and streamlines what was a manually intensive process. The program has no software to buy, no upfront investment in licenses, no servers or hardware or maintenance. Attendance on Demand is available via a cost-effective per-employee subscription fee.

“We’re confident that overtime is lower than it has ever been in 12 years of operations,” said RentalMax human resources manager Karen Laccone. “That’s because we see up-to-the-minute labor costs by location, and supervisors take any action needed to reduce unnecessary overtime.”

More information about the program can be found at

RentalMax is No. 114 on the expanded RER 100.

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