Qualcomm and TMTsoftware Announce Maintenance Management Solution

San Diego-based Qualcomm and TMTsoftware, a leading provider of fleet maintenance software, last week announced the full integration of TMT’s Transman, a maintenance management solution, with Qualcomm’s GlobalTRACS equipment management system and OmniTRACS mobile communications system, to create a complete and automatic maintenance management solution that helps to manage the entire fleet maintenance process.

With the integration, TMTsoftware’s Transman system receives hours and location details from the GlobalTRACS system and miles and location details from the OmniTRACS system on a scheduled basis. This integrated solution is designed to provide companies complete control over both their assets and workflow processes and to significantly improve organizational efficiencies and profitability because maintenance can be scheduled in a timely manner and only when needed.

“Qualcomm is excited to work with TMTsoftware to help customers improve their maintenance programs by integrating the critical information from Qualcomm mobile systems into Transman,” said Larry Cleary, vice president and general manager for the construction equipment group at Qualcomm Wireless Business Solutions.

The integrated solution is compatible with the GlobalTRACS and OmniTRACS systems already in use, so construction equipment and transportation fleets can easily add this tool without changing their mobile systems. Benefits of this solution include accurate hour meters and odometer readings for equipment, hours/miles maintenance predictions, automatic maintenance scheduling and timely information. Transman is designed to seamlessly work with back-office applications and is available in Microsoft Windows, iSeries and Internet environments. It also optimizes business operations by removing redundancies and cutting unnecessary costs such as manual maintenance tracking or logs.

Headquartered in Durham, N.C., TMTsoftware is a leading provider of maintenance management software.

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