GPS Alternative May Simplify Construction Management

GPS Alternative May Simplify Construction Management

OEM Data Delivery, a manufacturer of jobsite data management systems, introduced a wireless, hands-free way to capture individual machine locations, plus work time, idle time and service alerts, accurately and in real time. This allows management to understand what is happening at every jobsite, so that every resource — people, equipment, tools and consumables — can be used to maximum advantage.

The OEM DD GoPOD is a tiny, concealed computer installed in any lube/fuel truck, low-boy truck, mechanics’ truck or supervisor’s vehicle. GoPOD has a GPS antennae, and a radio antennae. Information is collected passively, via drive-by, within a range of 300 feet line of site, and transmitted via secure radio link. It is then formatted and downloaded into a web report each night, and made available on a password-protected website. Information is designed to easily integrate with virtually all major back office management systems without an interruption of equipment operation.

GoPOD is designed to markedly improve the productivity of construction, utility management, and phone and cable operations, by eliminating the piecemeal and manual tasks necessary to capture critical jobsite information.

The system is also engineered to facilitate more accurate job accounting, and optimize equipment maintenance by avoiding over and under-servicing. It is also a powerful and effective tool for preventing the theft, or unauthorized movement, of high-value assets.

GoPOD was engineered specifically for the requirements of construction and utility service companies. It is a wireless and automated solution that is designed to be both leaner and more efficient than GPS devices.

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