Qualcomm Releases GlobalTRACS 4.0 UpGrade

Qualcomm last week released the 4.0 upgrade to its GlobalTRACS system. The system upgrade is a software and over-the-air firmware update resulting in two major new features — maintenance profiles and curfew security.

The new multiple-maintenance feature provides notifications when maintenance is due for various types of service on a piece of equipment. Users can now identify multiple servicepoints scheduled at different intervals, such as changing oil at 500 hours and a brake inspection at 1,000 hours, rather than receive a generic maintenance notification. The feature helps reduce the costs of inadequate, late or excessive servicing and expands the system to include integrated maintenance management software.

The new engine-start curfew function allows customers to define the acceptable range of time that an engine can run on a given contract. Another function of the curfew security feature allows customers to establish a time-sensitive electronic curfew boundary around each piece of equipment. A curfew boundary break or an off-hours engine start can trigger an alert to the rental company if its machine is moved or started after hours.

Qualcomm’s network operations center supports GlobalTRACS customers 24/7, with a proactive procedure in place for equipment tracking and recovery.

“These additional features will improve our customers’ asset management and equipment security — two critical areas for construction equipment companies,” said Larry Cleary, vice president and general manager for the construction equipment group at San Diego-based Qualcomm.

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