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Eurogrues Maroc Brings First Genie XC Lifts to Morocco

Leading lifting and handling rental company in Morocco — Eurogrues Maroc — is present on a number of major port development, electric power plant, wind turbine and industrial facilities programs.

Leading lifting and handling rental company in Morocco — Eurogrues Maroc — is present on a number of major port development, electric power plant, wind turbine and industrial facilities programs. International investors based in Europe back many of these projects. Following a first order for 58 Genie boom lifts in 2016, the company has acquired 99 additional Genie units in 2019 and plans to order 100 more by 2020. 

"It’s one thing to be the market leader and to reap the benefits,” said Jose Antonio Moreno, managing director, Eurogrues Maroc. "But this also implies having a duty. For us, this means developing the professionalism of our sector. With this comes promoting the safe use of the equipment that we provide, as well as accompanying end-user customers towards new technologies, be it in terms of clean machines that respect the environment, or that, due to their new lift capacities, combine increased productivity with even higher levels of performance."

Genie Z-60 FE and Genie Xtra Capacity (XC) boom lifts were part of Eurogrues Maroc’s latest orders. A true “2-In-1” solution, the Genie FE hybrid units combine the benefits of quiet, emissions-free indoor operation when used in 100-percent electric mode, with the powerful 4WD all-terrain abilities of diesel-powered machines for outdoor tasks. As for the Genie XC models, in addition to offering a dual lift capacity of 300 kg (660-pound) unrestricted and 454 kg (1,000-pound) restricted that increases productivity, these models also combine new technologies such as automatic envelope control, a feature that is highly valued by operators for its performance benefits. 

As Hatim Jaadour, sales director Eurogrues Maroc, said: "If end-users are not given access to these new technologies, how can you expect them to be aware of their advantages? As the market leader in Morocco, we have an educational role to play with an offering that, little by little, will help customers to become familiar with the benefits of using these new work-at-height solutions. At the same time, we also contribute to raising awareness concerning the new regulations that need to be considered to professionalize and structure the market. It is in our interest, in the interest of end-users, and even the state, to drive improvement towards safe use and behavior in the lifting sector."

The reason for this is that mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) are relatively new to Morocco, arriving as recently as 2008-2009 with the construction of the Renault factory in Tangiers, bringing with it the introduction of new safety standards. Since then, the aerial access sector has continued to develop to reach a national fleet that currently counts more than 2.000 units. The past two years have seen a change in behavior, with end-users becoming stricter regarding safety. However, in other sub-Saharan African countries where Eurogrues Maroc is established, this evolution in attitudes is still in the early days of development.

"Since 2016, Genie and Eurogrues Maroc have established strong ties based on mutual trust that have led to large orders,” said Christophe Rousseau, Genie sales director, Southern Europe and North Africa, Terex AWP. “Leader in its market, Eurogrues has invested in Genie models that feature our latest technologies, allowing them to remain a step ahead of competitors and to accompany the market in moving towards new practices. Their latest order, that includes Genie hybrid Z-60 FE and XC boom lifts, is a perfect illustration of this strategy.” 

         "When we met with Genie to place our first order in 2016, we only owned 43-meter (141 ft) machines,” added Jaadour. “At the time, our aim was to diversify our fleet with a partner that, over and above its strong brand image, could provide us profitable, reliable, durable equipment with a high resale value, backed by quality service and aftermarket support when needed. Genie has never let us down.”

         Eurogrues is headquartered in Tangiers, with branches in Mohammedia, Jorf and Agadir, Morocco.

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