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Product of the Week – Custom Equipment HB-1430 low-level scissorlift

The new Hy-Brid HB-1430 low-level scissorlift from Custom Equipment is designed for projects at working heights up to 20 feet. HB-1430 lifts are heavy-duty, safe and lightweight, with low wheel loads that allow users to maneuver over delicate floors and get onto green concrete sooner. They provide a large working area, with platforms that are 25 inches wide by 60 inches long and 30-inch slide-out extensions for increased platform length. The HB-1430 can accommodate two people at a time and hold up to 670 pounds. The extensions have a maximum capacity of 250 pounds.

To ensure a clean system for operating indoors in both finished and unfinished environments, the HB-1430’s hydraulic system is completely self-contained with only two connection points. This reduces the potential for hydraulic fluid leaks, which lead to floor damage and potential safety hazards.

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